How to clear browser data for a single site in chrome on android. Step by step

How to clear browser data for a single site in chrome on android. Step by step

This is a step by step guide with screenshots on how to remove browser data for a single website. This tutorial will help you clean cookies, local storage and cache from any website from your browsing history. You can even remove a single page from your browser history without removing data for any other websites.

Step 1

Go to chrome and press the three dots to open the main menu.

clear android browsing history

Step 2

Locate "Settings" in the bottom of the main menu.

delete chrome browser history on android

Step 3

Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "Site settings".

remove browser history in chrome on android

Step 4

Scroll all the way down once again, find "Storage" click it.

clear android chrome browser history

Step 5

This is the view where you can select just a single page. Select whatever page you want to delete data from.
Bonus: notice in the bottom  "Clear site storage" this button is used to delete data from ALL sites.

chrome delete browser history individual sites

Step 6

Click the "Clear & reset" button to delete from browser history, this will also delete cache as well as local storage and cookies

how to reset and clear cache chrome android

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